New Resources Published

Over the last couple of months The National LGB&T Partnership has published three new sets of resources. As well as supporting our strategic aim to encourage and assist with the development of LGB&T competency in health and social care settings through providing guidance to local authorities, directors of public health and adult social care, service providers and commissioners, these resources also provide support to both LGB&T community groups and organisations, and to LGB&T individuals.

The new resources cover three distinct areas: smoking cessation, alcohol use, and mental health; please click on the links below to access the resources. We would also be grateful if you would complete a short feedback questionnaire, linked on each resource page, after reading the resources.

Smoking Cessation Resources

Alcohol IBA LGB&T Briefing

LGB&T Mental Health Resources


These new resources join our suite of resources available here, including LGB&T companions to the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework and Public Health Outcomes Framework, and health fact sheets for trans people.

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