Focussing on women’s healthcare needs

The National LGB&T Partnership is working with Public Health England (PHE) to improve the healthcare provided to lesbian, bisexual and other non-heterosexual women.

Beyond Babies and Breast Cancer, an exploration of lesbian and bisexual women’s healthcare needs, found that:

  • Lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to report negative experiences of healthcare than either gay and bisexual men or heterosexual women.
  • Large scale studies have also found that both lesbian and bisexual women are more likely than heterosexual women to report ill health or long-standing health conditions.

But what is being done in the provision of services to address this inequality?

PHE is undertaking a review of the academic research into the healthcare of this community. To complement this, the Partnership is producing a document which highlights best practice and makes recommendations to healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and reception staff about how to provide appropriate and welcoming services.

We are collecting patient experiences to be part of the report. We’re asking all lesbian, bisexual and other non-heterosexual women to tell us about positive or negative practice (or even a mix of both) that they’ve experienced when accessing healthcare services.

We’d really like to hear about as many healthcare encounters as possible, so if you have an experience to share, please follow this link to complete our short survey and please share the link with people in your network. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 of shopping vouchers.

We’ll also be running some focus groups in London, Manchester and Birmingham throughout December to explore these issues further. All participants will receive £15 shopping vouchers as a thank you for taking part, so please do register to join if you are interested, and of course please share this information with friends too.

Birmingham Tues 1st Dec 6pm contact for details

 London Mon 7th Dec at 7pm Register here

Manchester Thurs 10th December at 6.30pm Register here


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