The National LGB&T Partnership in Review

This review was conducted in 2016

This review explores the journey of Partnership over the past six years, considers some of the learning during that time, and makes recommendations for future discussion.

The review was undertaken through:
(i) conversations with external stakeholders;
(ii) interviews with members of the Partnership; and
(iii) complemented with desk-based research of the Partnership’s documentation (emails, minutes, products, work-plans, monitoring returns etc).

The review was undertaken by an external consultant, to provide a certain level of independence. Matt Harby was a former Director at the LGBT Foundation, and was involved in the earlier days of the Partnership, so has some familiarity with the Partnership’s history.

The review aims to achieve three key objectives:
(i) To capture the achievements and learning of the Partnership over the past six
years; to ensure an ongoing legacy
(ii) To help aid reflection and guide the future development of the Partnership
(iii) To provide insight for other Strategic Partners and the Health System Leads

A summary report on the review can be found here.