Let us know about changes to Adult Social Care

In early 2015, The National LGB&T Partnership produced a companion document to the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.  This companion document aims to assist commissioners to respond to their duty under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 for NHS England and CCGs to reduce health inequalities and promote integration between services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals, who often experience marginalisation in the implementation of ‘universal services’.

The companion document has now been available for 9 months, and the National LGB&T Partnership would like to support more providers and commissioners to use the document to support implementation of services and wider integration of health and care.

The companion document was downloaded 839 times during 2015, and we are interested in knowing how it has been used, so that we can share best practice uses to encourage greater access to the resource.

If you have used the document, please email sian.payne@lgbt.foundation to arrange a telephone interview.  By sharing your experiences, we can let others know the ways in which the can improve access to care for LGB&T people.