#LBTWomensHealth20 Twitter Q&A

On Thursday 12th March, from 11.30am to 1.30pm, as part of #LBTWomensHealth20 we’ll once again be running a Q&A for lesbian, bisexual, trans and other women in the LGBTQ+ communities, and for people who want to know more about the health inequalities that affect these individuals and communities.

Tweet us at @LGBTPartnership with your questions, using the hashtag #LBTWomensHealth20 and we’ll pass them on to our experts, below.

Our list of women taking part in the Q&A continues to grow, but so far, we’re pleased to welcome:


Alice Wallace



Alice Wallace (she/her) is Director of Opening Doors London, the UK’s largest charity working specifically to support older LGBT+ people. She will be answering questions related to LGBTQ+ women’s health and wellbeing in later life, and signposting to services offered by ODL and other organisations from @OpeningDoorsLdn


Claire McComb

Claire McComb (she/her) has been with ELOP for 12 years and is Lead Officer, which involves overseeing the daily running of ELOP’s LGBT Centre and services. She leads on the management of ELOP’s counselling service, which has seen a growth from 28 counsellors in 2017 to 40 by June 2019.  Claire has a particular interest and passion to better the understanding and improvement of LGBT mental health and promote awareness of the benefits of supporting mental health on many areas of LGBT health inequality.

Claire will be answering questions on LBT women’s mental health from @ELOP_LGBT

Georgia Twitter Q&A headshot 2020


Georgia Pattison (she/her) is the Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Sexual Health Outreach Worker at Birmingham LGBT. Georgia provides LBQ Women direct access to sexual health testing, information and advice. She also raises awareness amongst LBQ Women of specific sexual health and wellbeing issues that may be relevant to them.

Georgia will be answering questions on LBT women’s sexual health from @birminghamlgbt


Ria Twitter Q&A headshot 2020

Ria Goldman (she/her) is the Volunteer Coordinator for LGBT Foundation. Ria speaks to hundreds of LBT women every day in her role and passionately believes in the wellbeing benefits that volunteering can have on both LBT women’s physical and mental health.

Ria will be answering questions about volunteering and mental health from @LGBTFdn


Rosie Twitter Q&A headshot 2020


Mx Rosie Nelson (they/them) is a sociologist currently working as a Research Assistant on the Tackling LGBT Health Inequalities project at the University of Lancaster.  Rosie is 

also a co-convenor of the Critically Queer Network, a group designed to bring together academics, artists, activists, and practitioners and anyone else with a stake in what it means to be LGBT+.

Rosie’s particular expertise lies in  bisexual and non binary identities, and they will be answering questions pertaining to bisexual women from @roropanolo

Kate Webb Twitter Q&A headshot 2020


Kate Webb (she/her) has had various roles at MindOut; as a facilitator, on the board, and now as  Deputy CEO. Kate has worked in Third Sector mental health for many years as a senior manager, frontline worker and trainer – She has also fundraised to set up many new projects in the community to improve peoples’ wellbeing and resilience.

Kate will be answering questions about LBT Women’s Mental Health and community/grass-roots services from @MindOutLGBTQ

Julie Fish Twitter Q&A headshot 2020


Julie Fish (she/her)

Bio to follow

Will be answering questions about social care and cancer from @LGBTequalhealth