Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework Companion

These resources were published in March 2015

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework Companion

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) is the Department of Health’s key tool for measuring the progress of the adult social care system, supporting understanding of the outcomes and experiences of people who use care and support, and carers.

First launched for the year 2011/12, its role is to:

  • support councils to improve the quality of the care and support services they provide;
  • promote more joined-up working at the local level;
  • provide a common basis for action;
  • along with the Public Health Outcomes Framework and the NHS Outcomes Framework, form the basis for integrated working locally.

In 2014 the ASCOF, alongside the NHS Outcomes Framework, aims to support the government’s ambition for joined-up services within, and between, health and social care. This companion document aims to assist commissioners to respond to their duty under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 for NHS England and CCGs to reduce health inequalities and promote
integration between services for an often marginalised community.
Every person using health and care services deserves the highest quality care and support. The ASCOF, with its focus on promoting better outcomes and experiences for people who use care, and carers, measures how well care and support services are delivering the outcomes that matter the most to people.
This document brings together the existing evidence on the care and support needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGB&T) people, recognising that the picture it paints is necessarily incomplete.

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework Companion