Homelessness and Health

This resource was published in June 2017

In its broadest sense, homelessness is the problem faced by people who lack a place to live that is supportive, affordable, decent and secure. While rough sleepers are the most visible homeless population, the vast majority of homeless people live in hostels, squats, bed and breakfasts or in temporary and insecure conditions with friends and family.

The effects of this are often more keenly felt by certain disadvantaged groups. This publication collects and distils analysis and information for some of these groups into a single document, to help interested people understand the breadth of the issues, signpost them to further information, and give some recommendations.

Written in collaboration with other voluntary sector organisations, there are six sections in this briefing, each highlighting particular challenges individuals face in accessing appropriate housing and support, one of these focuses on LGB&T people.

Homelessness and Health for Disadvantaged Groups