Introducing our new look monthly email newsletter

our new look email newsletterAfter really helpful feedback from a number of our members, we have redesigned our monthly communication to make the information more accessible and bite-sized, moving away from the previous document download format.

You’ll find helpful navigation on the left-hand side of the email newsletter which will allow you to jump to any particular section:

+ Partnership News
+ News from our strategic partners
+ Health news
+ Equalities news
+ Consultations
+ Community Resources
+ Opportunities and Events

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Equalities Work Update: Letter of support to Directors of Public Health

The LGB&T Public Health Outcomes Framework Companion Document
The LGB&T Public Health Outcomes Framework Companion Document

The LGB&T Public Health Outcome Framework Companion Document has had a letter of support written to accompany it and the National LGB&T partnership will be encouraging Directors of Public Health to engage with it and this letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please join us to encourage your local Public Health Director to take on board the messages.  The document can be found at  Also, please let us know if you have passed on this letter and link to anyone by emailing us NationalLGB&

Paul Martin from the National LGB&T Partnership, along with Jabeer Butt from the Race & Equality Foundation, have been appointed as voluntary sector representatives on the NHS Equality & Diversity Council.